N.O.V. Iron Man

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 N.O.V. Iron Man Meet
June 15th, 2019


Topeka, KS

Capped at first 15 Athletes

The N.O.V. Iron Man Meet is for those of you are are a glutton for punishment. Those taking place in the Iron Man meet will first do the Complete NOV meet. Then once they complete that, they will go outside and compete in the the N.O.V. Highlander meet. The winner will be the best out of all 7 events in one day. Athletes taking place in this will be entered in winnings for both meets separately as well. So one athlete for instance could win the N.O.V. Meet, the Highland meet and the Iron man and take a clean sweep if you are a complete bad ass.


1.Squat with Buffalo Bar (3 attempts)

2.Strict Press (3 attempts)

3.Trap Bar Deadlift (3 attempts)

4.Weight Over Bar (3 attempts at each height)

5.Yoke / Farmers Medley

6.Sheaf Toss (3 attempts at each height)

7.Keg Load Max Reps

Classes Men and Women, Light weight and heavy weight.

Light Weight Women Under 165lbs

Heavy Weight Women Over 165lbs

Light Weight Men Under 220lbs

Heavy Weight Men Over 220lbs

24 hour weigh in

 ***after you sign up and pay you are entered. We will then send you a PDF form to fill out within a few days. Please send this form back in to wendlersnovmeet@gmail.com***


-Crawford Real Estate. Light weight Men and Women prizes

1st place in mens and womens a buffalo bar
2nd place in mens and womens  a slingshot