1st Annual Jim Wendler's N.O.V. Meet Entry

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The 1st Annual Jim Wendler's NOV Meet
June 15th, 2019


Topeka, KS

AT LEAST $7000 in cash given away between 1st and 2nd place

Capped at first 90 lifters


1.Squat with Buffalo Bar (3 attempts)

2.Strict Press (3 attempts)

3.Trap Bar Deadlift (3 attempts)

The meet will run more like a weightlifting meet. Athletes will squat, have a short break for warm up, then press, short break and then trap bar deadlift. That flight will then be done for the day.

There will be three platforms running at one time. Once flight A is done with squat, they will move to press. Flight B will then squat, while flight A is pressing. etc

We will be posting videos showing what were are looking for on the lifts, and how it will be judged.

Cash Pay Out for 2 two lifters, #1 and #2. #3 will get a prize package. There will be NO GENDER or Weight classes. The prizes will go to the best lifters based on coefficient.

24 hour weigh in

 ***after you sign up. the store will auto send you a PDF form to fill out. Please send this form back in to wendlersnovmeet@gmail.com***